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Arrested, tortured and assaulted: End the targeting of Girifna youth activists in Sudan

Girifna, which translates as "we’re fed up", is a Sudanese youth group calling for non-violent resistance to the government in Sudan. The movement, composed mainly of university students, was set up in October 2009. Since then, its members have been targeted by the authorities, including by being arbitrarily arrested, detained, tortured and sexually assaulted. They have also had laptops and other items confiscated from their homes, and several have been forced to flee from Sudan.

Most recently, Girifna was one of the organizations targeted by the Sudanese authorities following the wave of demonstrations that began in June 2012. Several members of Girifna have been detained without being able to speak to their families or lawyers. Some say they were tortured in detention. Despite this attempt to silence them, Girifna continue to distribute information and organize activities, including peaceful protests calling for the respect and protection of human rights in Sudan.

Sign the petition to call on the Minister of Interior to ensure an end to the harassment, intimidation, arbitrary arrest, detention, torture and other ill-treatment of Girifna members.

Your signatures will be delivered to the Minister of Interior in January 2013, one year on from the start Khartoums wave of protests.

Remember, your signature can make a difference.

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06. Dezember 2012

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